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Kaiba Taoism
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There once was a Duelist named Kaiba, and from his coat he graced duel-battles and gave them fashion. Thus were the words of Mokuba, the younger brother who carried on Kaiba’s dueling legend and brought us the great force of the Coat.

Some general rules and statements concerning the group.

1) In order to become an authentic Kaiba Taoist, one must admit the superiority of the Kaiba Coat over all other worldly coats and jackets, hats, accessories, and badger blankets. ...Also that Kaiba is a better duelist than Yuugi. No exceptions. Second, one must adhere to the Kaibataoism rule that upon entering, you may never wear another coat again that is not Kaiba-approved, else one risks banishment from the group.

2) Each man has a different, personal way to venerate the Coat. Most choose to create their own kaiba coat to wear themselves, by which they flaunt membership in the Kaibatoism collective whenever going out in public, or perhaps attempting to join spirit with Kaiba by imitating the Coat in private. Each man’s home may become his own shrine to the Coat via Yu-Gi-Oh merchandise, posters, and/or hand-crafted Coat fan-facsimiles.

3) The founding mothers and current international leaders of Kaibataoism approve all coats with the “flailing coat tails of doom” seal. They employ a holy and trusted Gestapo which is responsible for the tracking and capture of all coat tail offenders sporting unauthorized Kaiba Coats that might shame the other members and/or profane the Kaiba Coat itself. The “holy texts”, or, all 200some subtitled Yu-Gi-Oh episodes where we can see the Kaiba Coat in full flare mode on its master at all times, are an Ark of a sort which contain the supreme model of the Coat. The fact that ours are mere facsimiles must not be forgotten, and humility must be maintained at all times in face of this profound issue.

4) There are a few taboos and unutterable falsities which must be avoided at all costs…first and foremost being anything that implies Yuugi is the greatest duelist, the coolest duelist, or has the best coat. That is just not so, and such vile and malicious utterances must be avoided, else the serpant tongue who spake them may face expulsion from the group!

5) Above all other threats to the religion is the Moto boy himself. Yuugi is the anti-coat.

6) It should be duly noted that the members of Kaiba Taoism should not at the same time be an active participant in Yuugi cults or, in fact, religions that may have anything at all to do with Mr. Kaiba’s rival in any way. Such actions would offend the leather wiles of the Coat and thus would prevent Kaiba from performing at full caliber. One must revere the Kaiba Coat and surrender to total dorkdom under its hand. Surveys show that most members were long-term dorks before entering into Kaiba Taoism, obsessed with anime and Japanese fashion....hence, the notion of the Coat astounded the religion’s matron and the early followers. These early members wrote about a day when Kaiba would quelch Yuugi’s dueling career and take back his rightful place as first-rate duelist Seto Kaiba! And throughout the ordeal, the glorious white coat with scarlet lining would flail its coat tails of doom in the mountain wind, and all the Shadow Realm would shrink before him in awe and wonder.... thus was born the fanfiction! The fanfiction tradition was eagerly taken up by each generation of followers and is currently in healthy flow through the greedy channels of cyberspace.

7) Take any of this seriously at your brain's own risk.


blantoncirith: Blantie, Liege and Official Head of the FCTD Gestapo
darklittleaibou/chakrabluwings: Zelda, Founder of the Yuugi Rebellion Against the Coat
the_8th_square: Morb, Designer of Kaiba's Coat's Cyber Shrine

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